Committee Members
As of the Sunday 22nd April 2018 the Committee Members of Southern and Wessex BCC are as follows:

Mr Keith Gardner (Chair & Sites Officer) **
07887 890184
Mrs Kay Downton (Vice Chair) **
(Malcolm) 07983 159172
Mr John Woodhouse (Secretary) **
07824 159202
Mr Chris McGuire (Treasurer) **
01491 641156
Mrs Tracy Bruin ** (Nico) 07971 845570
Mr Trevor Warren (PRO)
07751 106576
Mrs Peggy Woodrow
01202 890641
Mrs Heather Coue
(Dominique) 07799 640077
Mr Nigel Cole (Jane) 07507 695872 
Mrs Phillipa Boxall
** Executive Committee
Non Committee Member Posts    
Mr Terry Cole (SWR REP)    
Mr Martin Straker (SR REP)    
Mr Tony Simmons (Auditor)
Mrs Maureem Straker (Auditor)
Mr Ian Semple (Webmaster)   Webmaster

Please feel free to contact them at any time.


Notification You are requested to notify the organiser of the meets you intend to join at least two days before the event. This will assist organisers to plan the lay out of the field and to advise you of any changes and the time the site will be opening.

Meet Cancellation
 If a meet has to be cancelled this will be announced as soon as possible at prior meets but notifying the organisers that you hope to attend will ensure that you have the latest information.

Route Signing
 The organiser try to make the site as easy as possible to find by placing BCC signs near the venue. These maybe red and white or black and yellow. Sometimes local authorities will not allow signing, or the signs are turned or removed. Therefore please read the directions and look at a map prior to your journey.

Membership Cards
 Please have your membership cards available when you arrive at a meet. This will assist the organisers in getting to know you and help them in completing the paperwork for the

Site Fees
 Whilst every effort has been made to fix the fee, the land owner has the last word. Any changes will be notified as soon as possible but the organisers will confirm the fee when you book in. Fees are quoted per unit night. (A unit is usually 2 adults and children under 18). Cheques are not accepted for payment of meet fees at normal meets - only CASH, since this is used to pay the landowner.

Five Night Meets
 All five night meets listed should normally start at 12 noon on the first day and close at 12 noon on the last day. This time can be altered by the organisers or land owner but everyone should remember that the meet is for 5 periods of 24 hours, therefore the opening time on the first day is the closing time on the final day THIS TIME PERIOD MUST NOT BE EXCEEDED. 

 Visitors are welcome at any of our meets, but PLEASE let the organiser know if YOU are expecting and ASK THEM TO REPORT TO RECEPTION ON ENTERING THE SITE. Please also ask them to abide by our Club rules especially 5mph on site.

Conduct and Rules
 We abide by the Camping and Caravanning Club rules, a copy is available with the meet organisers. Always ask the organiser if you like to use a generator or have a barbeque. 

 Dogs and all other pets must be kept under control at all times. No animal is allowed to wander loose on the site and must be kept on a hand held lead not more than 2 metres long if outside the unit. Pets should not be allowed to foul the site, but if they do then the owner is responsible for cleaning the area.

 Accidents can and unfortunately do happen, so please be aware of the hazards that maybe on site - holes, broken fences, stakes, barbed wire etc., especially with children on site and report any problems to the organisers. All accidents, however, trivial must be recorded in detail on an accident report form.

Fire Precaution
s The 6 metre rule MUST BE applied, i.e. the minimum distance between units (including awning faces). Please place a fire bucket at the front of your unit. You are also advised to have an approved fire extinguisher within your unit. 

Unattended Units
 No unit maybe left unattended overnight.

 This is normally held on a Sunday at every meet, usually at 1100 although times may vary. Look for the blackboard at reception for more details.

We thank you in anticipation of your co-operation in observing these notes, and wish you all enjoyable meets throughout the season.


Inline with the Caravan and Camping Clubs Policy, All units must have a filled fire bucket outside their unit. Units will be well spaced and sited so that they do not restrict access to, or exit from any unit or the area in case of emergencies.

"Camping and Caravanning Club & The British Caravanners Club"